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Teaching Background

Mr. Bernhard has over a decade of experience teaching beginner to advanced students of all ages. He utilizes his training from world-renowned teachers Larissa Dedova, Steinway Artist Faina Lushtak, and Giselle Brodsky. His studies at the Royal College of Music, London, also equipped him with cutting-edge insights to cultivate students of the highest talent. He is a Steinway and Sons Educational Partner and served as a juror for the 2019 Steinway and Sons Junior Piano Competition. He is an active member of the American College of Musicians/National Guild of Piano Teachers and the Florida State Music Teachers Association. 

Student prizes and accomplishments include:


  • 2018 Steinway and Sons Junior Competition- honorable mention

  • 2020 Sound Espressivo Competition - semifinalist

  • 2021 Clara Schumann International Piano Competition -4th prize

  • 2021 New Orleans Piano Institute

  • 2021-2022 South Florida International Piano Festival-3rd and 2nd prize

  • 2022 Key Biscayne Piano Festival

  • 2022 Manolov International Piano Competition, New York- 2nd prize

  • 2022 University of Miami Frost School of Music Piano Seminar


Mr. Bernhard's goals as a mentor are to develop students' self-confidence and inspire passion for their musical craft through positive and structured piano lessons. These lessons are tailored to individual ages, skill levels, and learning styles.


  • Lessons are in 45,60, or 90-minute formats.

  • High-fidelity video lessons are offered remotely via Zoom or Skype.

  • Now offering in-person lessons.

  • Students are tested quarterly to ensure progress and achieve musical goals.

  • Within each lesson, he covers a breadth and depth of knowledge, including:


1. developing technique,


2. learning theory and ear training,


3. working on new repertoire in the appropriate skill level,


4. starting improvisation,


5. incorporating effective practice strategies, and


6. developing preparatory strategies for performances.


Learning Outcomes

Over time and applying this knowledge, students can learn more challenging pieces from different styles, acquire critical listening skills, and diversify their musical tastes. Eventually, they will have the option to showcase their music in recitals, competitions, and festivals. On their journey, students develop new learning strategies, self-confidence, and a broader appreciation of the arts.






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